The Title Deed – What is it, and why do you need one?

When buying immovable property, you must have tangible evidence to prove it is legally yours. This evidence serves to protect your rights and allows you to maintain this property as you like. In buying a real estate property, this “evidence” is known as the Title Deed.

This article will answer 4 frequently asked questions about the title deed and how to issue it in Abu Dhabi.

What is a title deed?

Title deeds (Mulkiya) are public records that may be requested from the Land Department. This document serves as proof that a certain plot of land is legally yours to use as you like. If you have paid for the property with a mortgage loan, your name will be included as the legal owner on the deed. Once the deed is registered, you can use it to secure loans and other financial services, and you will be given a copy of the deed as proof of ownership.

Why is the title deed necessary?

Due to its crucial role in stating who owns a particular property, the title deed is an essential document because it allows the owner to manage the land as they please. This includes the right to build on the land, farm the land, sell the land, and so on.

For example, when a person wants to sell a plot of land, the government official will look into the title deed to ensure that this person has the right to sell it.

What information does the title deed include?

The title deed includes the following information:

  • The land’s properties: These include the land’s municipality, zone, sector, detailed address, plot area, mortgage status, and so on.
  • The land type: This states whether the land is classified as residential or commercial.
  • The land’s illustrative diagram: This is a plot of the land showing its location, number, and exact dimensions.
  • Owner(s) and shares’ details: This includes the owner(s)’ name(s), ID number(s), right hold type(s), share percentages and acquisition type(s).

The document also includes any further important comments about certain public laws or decrees remarks.

Where and how can I issue the title deed?

You can either issue a title deed through the Tamm Portal on the Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) website or through the DARI ecosystem.

What does the Title Deed look like?

Here is a snapshot of a sample Title Deed for your reference.

I have more inquiries about the title deed. Whom do I ask?

Should you have further inquiries about the title deed, there are several ways to seek help.

  • The DARI knowledge base: You can access the DARI knowledge base here. On that page, you will find various inquiries already answered for your convenience, or you can also submit a new inquiry which will be typically answered in a few hours.
  • The DARI live chat: You can access the DARI live chat service on the DARI homepage by clicking on the red icon at the bottom right of the page.
  • By phone or email: Feel free to send your inquiries by email to [email protected], or call us at 600523333.

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