The Importance of Real Estate Professionals for the Real Estate Sector’s Growth

The real estate industry is complex and constantly adapting to consumer demands and economic conditions. Therefore, having professionals with dependable knowledge and competencies is critical to the sustainable development of the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi. Let’s dive into the importance of real estate professionals and their impact on the real estate sector’s growth.


A real estate surveyor is a professional who takes precise measurements that identify land boundaries. It’s easy to see how their role is essential to the real estate industry. Imagine buying a piece of land and then building a structure on it, only to be informed a year later that the structure is a meter over the property’s boundary and needs to be removed.

Understanding the exact location of a parcel’s boundary line is essential to land preparation, legal documentation, construction, and land usage. Surveyors identify precisely where roads may be built, changes to property lines, and where new structures are to be located. Some work for the government, while others are employed privately.

A real estate surveyor must be licensed and comply with regulations, provisions of the law, and ethics rule. Surveyors help ensure that any significant changes to a property are done in alignment with title restrictions, property boundaries, and easements. They are essential to the real estate industry and even more vital to Abu Dhabi’s rapidly developing property sector. They ensure that new developments and master plans meet government restrictions and that deeds correctly communicate property boundaries. They play a crucial role in real estate sustainability.

Aspiring real estate surveyors need to learn the tools and knowledge of their role to become certified surveyors in Abu Dhabi. ThinkProp’s Real Estate Surveying Certified Course provides the professional training and education to become a licensed surveyor and start your career in Abu Dhabi.


Simply put, property valuation is the assessment of a property’s value, including all improvements and structures. It’s a valuer’s job to perform a valuation by taking into consideration property characteristics such as size, layout, condition, finishes, etc., through a property inspection. They then compare this information with recently achieved comparable sales data to determine the value.

After an inspection and detailed market analysis, the valuer compiles an in-depth report for their clients. While a property’s value does not equate to its price, it is a critical element in purchasing a property because it’s how a financial institution determines whether or not it will commit a specific loan amount to a property. Lenders use a valuation as part of their risk assessment and qualification process.

Property valuation contributes to real estate development in Abu Dhabi because it’s crucial in buying and selling properties, development appraisals, monitoring property performance, and lending. In addition, almost every real estate industry sector relies on value expertise for the continuation of development and real estate sustainability.

ThinkProp offers a real estate valuation certification course to help individuals who want to become property valuers. Students learn the critical skills required to enter the field, including market analysis, valuation methods, ethics, and reporting.

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers often get looked at as just salespeople, but they are so much more.

A broker has a lot of power in buying and selling property. Not only do they have industry knowledge, but they are almost always the first to know of upcoming listings, new developments, and infrastructure projects. Think of them as individuals who always have their ears open to learn about possible opportunities and deals for their clients. As a result, many clients consider their real estate broker a trusted advisor as they guide them through the transaction process.

A broker can have an incredibly high impact on new developments off the plan sales, just as much as they impact the secondary market. They pay attention to shifting trends, stay up to date on financial changes, and need to stay informed of new legislative and government initiatives. Real estate brokers and agents are the client-facing representatives of a property or development project. It’s their job to connect buyers and sellers, then skillfully negotiate a deal.

Because they influence buyers and sellers, to foster real estate sustainability, it’s important that real estate agents live up to their client’s expectations of knowledge and professionalism. Real estate professionals need to meet the minimum education standards to become licensed in their professions.

ThinkProp’s Real Estate Brokers Certified Course offers aspiring brokers the training and knowledge to further real estate development in Abu Dhabi. Upon completing the course, you’ll have the essential skillset and certification to start your real estate broker career.

The influence these real estate professions have on the property sector is why the training through ThinkProp is so valuable to Abu Dhabi’s real estate sector. Our courses are certified by DMT in Abu Dhabi and designed to empower real estate professionals and promote a more robust real estate industry.


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