Types of Real Estate Agents

In the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in it, the role of a real estate agent tends to take center stage. These professionals possess the expertise and insider know-how to guide you through the labyrinthine world of UAE real estate, enabling you to make informed decisions and seize lucrative opportunities.

Real estate agents ensure efficient decision-making, maximize opportunities, and increase the chances of finding the right property in this dynamic and competitive market.

4 Different Types of Real Estate Agents


There are 4 main different types of real estate agents, and it is essential to understand the role of each one to determine what your career in real estate could look like. These types include:

  1. Residential Real Estate Agents
  2. Commercial Real Estate Agents
  3. Luxury Real Estate Agents
  4. Rental Agents

1. Residential Real Estate Agents


When it comes to residential real estate agents, there are three main types to consider. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them individually:

1. Buyer’s Agents

The Buyer’s agent advocates for buyers throughout their purchasing process and therefore plays a crucial role in the residential real estate market. Let us explore the responsibilities and skills that a buyer’s agent possesses to benefit the buyers and sellers they are assisting:

  • Conducting comprehensive searches.
  • Providing their clients with a detailed analysis of the market conditions, emerging trends, and property values.
  • Assisting clients by negotiating on their behalf.

Buyer’s agents must possess market expertise and effective negotiation skills to secure favorable terms for their buyers and must excel in building relationships.

As a buyer’s agent, you will provide assistance in the property search process, which can:

  • Help save time as well as effort for your clients.
  • Provide unique opportunities and a competitive advantage in finding desirable properties.
  • Assist in understanding and completing the necessary documentation accurately and promptly.
  • Offer local guidance and support for your international buyers or those unfamiliar with the UAE market.

2. Seller’s Agents

A seller’s agent is also called a listing agent, and they play a crucial role in the residential real estate market of the UAE.

The seller’s agent is responsible for property pricing and conducting a market analysis of the local real estate market. They also conduct marketing and property promotion, including developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies.

As a seller’s agent, you must possess certain skills. Keep reading to find out what these are!

  • Market Knowledge.
  • Marketing and Presentation.
  • Communication and Negotiation.

There are several ways in which seller’s agents can benefit sellers in the UAE real estate market. They can offer pricing expertise through their deep understanding of the local market dynamics.

Their access to various channels, including online listings, social media platforms, and professional photography increases the property’s visibility and attracts more potential buyers. They also streamline the transaction process by coordinating with various parties involved.

3. Dual Agents

Dual Agents are also known as transaction coordinators or facilitators, and they are real estate professionals responsible for the Buyer and the seller in a residential real estate transaction.

Here are some responsibilities of Dual Agents:

  • Providing neutral representation by representation and guidance to both the Buyer and the seller.
  • Transaction coordinators and manage paperwork, documentation, and deadlines.
  • Facilitating communication between the Buyer and seller.

The benefits of dual agents in the UAE real estate market are as follows:

  • Helping their clients streamline transaction processes.
  • Helping in conflict resolution and keeping transactions on track.
  • The dual agents possess comprehensive market knowledge, which ensures informed decision-making.

2. Commercial Real Estate Agents


Similar to residential estate agents, commercial real estate brokers are also divided into 3 segments, including office space agents, retail space agents, and industrial property agents.

1. Office Space Agents

Office space agents, also known as commercial real estate agents, specialize in assisting businesses in their search for suitable office spaces.

Understanding the unique needs of a business, negotiating leases, facilitating transactional processes, and identifying suitable properties are all responsibilities involved in the role of an office space agent.

Office agents have their unique aspects as well as challenges that they face.

They must thoroughly understand their client’s business requirements, including location preferences, size, layout, and amenities, and make sure that they stay up to date with the local real estate market and analyze market trends which will help them guide businesses.

In order to be a successful office space agent, you should build strong networks with landlords, property developers, and property management companies, which will then allow them to access a wide range of available office spaces and negotiate favorable terms for their clients.

2. Retail Space Agents

Retail space agents in the UAE specialize in assisting businesses in their search for suitable commercial spaces for retail operations.

Their responsibilities include client consultation, market research, property search and evaluation, lease negotiations, post-lease support, and legal as well as documentation assistance for their clients.

The UAE has a vibrant retail sector driven by a mix of local and international brands. In addition, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are major retail destinations, attracting tourists and residents alike.

As a result, the market has witnessed steady growth, and developers continue to invest in new retail projects. In this market, the retail space agents understand the importance of location as well as foot traffic for retail businesses.

Lastly, they also help clients find spaces that align with their brand image and accommodate their desired layout, merchandising, and customer experience goals.

The UAE’s retail sector is starting to greatly emphasize sustainability, and developers are incorporating eco-friendly practices and sustainable design elements in new retail projects.

This is where you, as a retail space agent, then come in and assist retailers in finding spaces that align with their sustainability goals and consumer demands.

3. Industrial Property Agents

Industrial property agents are the ones who assist businesses in finding suitable industrial properties, such as warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Some specific responsibilities include:

  • Client consultation.
  • Market research.
  • Compliance and due diligence.
  • Property tours and presentations.

Industry property agents consider factors such as the size, layout, ceiling height, loading docks, utility infrastructure, zoning regulations, and accessibility to transportation routes while working closely with clients to identify properties that fit their needs.

They also assist clients in finding properties that optimize their logistical operations, reducing transportation costs and improving efficiency.

Lastly, because the UAE’s industrial real estate market has experienced steady growth, driven by the country’s diversification efforts and its position as a regional trading hub, industrial property agents need to stay updated on market trends, emerging technologies, and changing industrial practices.

3. Luxury Real Estate Agents

1. High-End Residential Agents

High-end residential agents are ones who specialize in catering to the unique needs and expectations of affluent buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market.

These agents help provide a range of specialized services to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience for their high-net-worth clients. High-end residential agents conduct customized property searches based on their client’s specific preferences.

These agents possess in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate market by tracking market trends. They employ targeted marketing strategies, utilizing online platforms, print media, and exclusive channels to reach qualified high-net-worth buyers.

As a high-end residential agent, you should understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and must have an in-depth knowledge of the luxury market, and have sophisticated communication as well as relationship-building capabilities.

The UAE’s luxury real estate market is robust and is driven by the country’s affluent population, international investors, as well as luxury tourism. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for their high-end residential properties, offering luxurious amenities.

Therefore a high-end residential agent is extremely important in the UAE real estate market.

2. Luxury Commercial Agents

Luxury commercial agents are ones who specialize in serving the unique needs and expectations of affluent buyers and sellers in the luxury commercial real estate market.

A luxury commercial agent is responsible for conducting customized property searches based on their client’s specific requirements and preferences. Market expertise and valuation through tracking market trends, analyzing sales data, and staying updated on current valuations of luxury commercial properties is another important responsibility of a luxury commercial agent.

Luxury commercial agents must also provide their clients with financial analysis and investment guidance. They assess the income potential, cash flow projections, and return on investment of commercial properties. In the UAE, there is a thriving business environment and an increasingly strong demand for premium office spaces.

Businesses seek commercial properties offering state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, and luxurious amenities to attract top talent and enhance their brand image.

Here the luxury commercial agents use their connections and networks to access exclusive opportunities for their clients.

4. Rental Agents

1. Residential Rental Agents

A residential rental agent plays an important role in the facilitation of the rental process for both landlords as well as tenants.

By conducting property searches and considering factors such as location, amenities, size, and rental rates, a Commercial Rental Agent presents and assists tenants by curating a selection of properties.

Residential rental agents also conduct thorough tenant screenings to ensure the suitability of prospective tenants and draft lease agreements.

Lastly, residential rental agents may also offer property management services, especially for landlords who prefer to outsource the day-to-day responsibilities of managing their rental properties.

Property management duties may include rent collection, maintenance coordination, responding to tenant inquiries, and handling lease renewals or terminations.

The UAE rental market has experienced fluctuations in recent years due to various factors, including economic conditions and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While rental rates have seen some adjustments, the demand for residential properties in prime locations remains strong. Therefore residential rental agents need to stay up to date with the market trends.

2. Commercial Rental Agents

Commercial rental agents have the crucial role of assisting businesses in finding suitable rental spaces for their operations. They have in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate market and specialize in understanding the unique needs of businesses, whether it’s office spaces, retail locations, or industrial properties.

A commercial rental agent is responsible for:

  • Conducting property searches to identify suitable rental spaces for businesses by considering factors such as location, accessibility, size, layout, infrastructure, and zoning regulations.
  • Analyzing data on rental rates, vacancy rates, and rental yields to provide valuable insights to businesses.
  • Providing businesses with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their rental space needs.

As a result, commercial rental agents play a crucial role in assisting businesses in finding suitable rental spaces in the UAE.

FAQs – Types of Real Estate Agents

1. What type of real estate agents make the most?

Luxury real estate agents are considered to be the highest-paid real estate agent. They can earn an average salary of up to $142,200 annually, with commissions going up to $10 million annually.

2. How do Buyer’s agents and seller’s agents differ in their roles?

A seller’s agent represents the seller and generally focuses on marketing as well as selling the property. On the other hand, a buyer’s agent represents the Buyer’s interests in a real estate transaction, assisting them in finding and purchasing a property.

3. What expertise do commercial real estate agents bring to the market?

A commercial real estate agent must provide a commercial buyer with market demographic studies, environmental research, and significantly more financial analysis.

4. What makes luxury real estate agents unique in handling high-end properties?

Luxury real estate agents specialize in handling high-end properties and cater to affluent buyers’ and sellers’ unique needs and expectations. What sets luxury real estate agents apart is their expertise, specialized knowledge, and ability to provide a premium level of service.


In summary, it is important to understand that there are many different types of real estate agents who specialize in specific niches within the real estate market of the UAE. Therefore, to learn more about being a real estate agent and how to be successful, you can enroll in courses offered by ThinkProp and build a strong foundation for your real estate career.

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