Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas to Get New Clients

Social media transforms how properties are showcased and potential clients are engaged in the real estate arena.

Social media has become a necessary tool for real estate professionals such as brokers, offering a platform to display properties, share insights, and connect with a vast audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just stepping into real estate, understanding the impact of compelling social media posts is vital to expanding your client base.

The blog explores the impact of social media posts on real estate so you can understand how to utilize them to expand your real estate business.

Additionally, we will explore ideas related to real estate marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. These strategies enhance your online presence and serve as tools to attract new clients.

12 Ideas for Real Estate Social Media Posts to Attract New Clients

Enhance your real estate social media game with these 12 creative post ideas to captivate and attract new clients. Let’s explore these strategies in detail so you can implement them effectively.

1. Showcase New Listings

showcase new listings

More than simply listing properties on social media is needed in the competitive real estate landscape. To truly captivate potential buyers, going beyond the basics is crucial.

When showcasing new listings, focus on creating engaging narratives for each property. Share the essential details and highlight the unique features and selling points.

Consider using visually appealing graphics, professional photography, or virtual tours to make the property stand out.

Share testimonials related to the property, if available, to add a personal touch. The goal is to communicate the property’s value in a way that sparks interest and sets it apart in a crowded market.

2. Add Video Walk-Throughs

add video walk-throughs

Video content has become a game-changer in the real estate industry, with potential buyers showing a strong preference for video walk-throughs. To leverage this trend, create and share high-quality video content that provides a detailed property tour.

Consider incorporating drone footage for a unique and comprehensive view, especially for expansive properties or those with attractive surroundings.

Video content captures attention and fosters a deeper connection between the viewer and the property. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space, making it a powerful tool for generating interest and inquiries.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of potential clients prefer agents who utilize video, while 37% of realtors consider drone video footage a beneficial marketing trend.

According to the National Institute of Realtors, realtors experience a remarkable 403% increase in inquiries when video walk-throughs are added in real estate postings. This increase ultimately helps you convert your leads into customers and generate profit on your properties.

Utilizing video walk-throughs showcases your commitment to modern real estate marketing strategies and positions you as a tech-savvy and innovative real estate professional.

3. Add Tips For Buyers

add tips for buyers

In real estate, people looking to buy homes often need advice to make intelligent choices. Sharing helpful tips on social media for different types of buyers can make you a trusted and knowledgeable source.

Create content tailored for first-time homebuyers, investors, or those looking to upgrade, covering topics such as mortgage tips, negotiation strategies, or insights into the local real estate market.

tips for buyers

By sharing expertise and practical advice, you engage your audience and establish yourself as a trustworthy real estate professional.

4. Announce Open Houses On Social Media

Use social media to attract attention to your open houses. Share eye-catching posts with clear pictures or videos of the property’s best features to generate interest and attract more people.

Include essential details about the open house, such as the date, time, and location.

Encourage your audience to share the information, expanding your reach to potential buyers who may have yet to see traditional listings.

Utilize relevant hashtags and geotags to enhance visibility. Announcing open houses on social media attracts interested buyers and demonstrates your proactive and modern approach to property marketing.

5. Share Market Updates

Real estate is a dynamic market; buyers and sellers crave insights into the latest trends and statistics.

Regularly sharing market updates on your social media platforms positions you as a well-informed and reliable source. Provide data on property prices, market trends, and relevant news in your local area.

Discussing the implications of market changes adds value to your audience and showcases your expertise.

Consistent sharing of market updates keeps you top-of-mind for clients and prospects alike. It’s an effective way to stay engaged with your audience while subtly promoting your knowledge and services in the real estate domain.

6. Promote Your Real Estate Services

Use social media to promote your real estate services and build trust. Create posts about each service, explaining what makes you unique.

Use different formats like images and videos to keep things interesting. Show your value in property valuation, negotiation, and market insights. Consistent promotion on social media makes you a trusted real estate professional.

Utilize a variety of formats, including carousels, reels, Instagram Stories, static images, and videos, to keep your real estate content diverse and engaging.

Communicate the value you bring to clients, whether in property valuation, negotiation skills, or personalized market insights.

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7. Mistakes to Avoid

Sharing lessons learned from your experiences or highlighting common mistakes in real estate transactions adds a human touch to your social media presence. Offer valuable insights into pitfalls clients should avoid, whether related to home buying, selling, or investing.

Being transparent about past mistakes creates a relatable narrative and positions you as a seasoned professional. This content educates your audience and establishes a connection based on shared experiences, making you more approachable and trustworthy.

8. Address Misconceptions

Misconceptions often cloud the real estate landscape. Use your social media platform to debunk myths and clarify misunderstandings.

Address common misconceptions about the market, the buying or selling process, or real estate in general. Providing accurate information demonstrates your industry knowledge and commitment to client education.

Addressing the myths empowers your audience to make informed decisions, reinforcing your role as a trusted advisor in the real estate journey.

9. Share Your Opinion on Social Media

Share your thoughts on social media to make a personal connection. It’s more than just being a real estate pro; it shows you’re a natural person with ideas and valuable knowledge.

This kind of content helps build trust and credibility by creating a genuine bond with your audience.

Whether it’s insights on the local market or personal experiences, sharing your opinion makes you an absolute authority in your field.

10. Share Client Testimonials

Highlighting satisfied clients’ testimonials can help you celebrate your success. Social media is an excellent platform to showcase the positive experiences of those who have worked with you.

Testimonials are powerful social proof, providing potential clients real-life examples of your expertise and value. Positive feedback from previous clients acts as a virtual word-of-mouth referral, instilling confidence and trust in your services.

Including snippets or stories from clients who have successfully navigated the real estate journey with your guidance adds a compelling layer to your social media presence.

11. Feature an Agent or Staff Member

Showcasing a team member on social media humanizes your real estate business. Introduce your audience to the faces behind the brand, sharing a bit about the agent or staff member. It creates a more personal connection, helping your audience feel acquainted with the team.

Share their achievements and experiences or a fun behind-the-scenes look to add authenticity. This strengthens the team’s bond and makes your agency more relatable to potential clients.

12. Spotlight a Neighborhood

Focusing on a neighborhood is an exceptional approach to offer potential clients a clear picture of their future.

Share visuals of local parks, cafes, community events, and more so they can picture themselves relating to the neighborhood. These posts allow you to showcase your in-depth knowledge about the local communities you serve.

You position yourself as a trusted local expert by highlighting each neighborhood’s unique features and charm. This attracts interested clients and demonstrates your commitment to providing comprehensive information and guidance.


Social media is an essential tool for marketing your real estate properties. It can help you share your properties on different platforms to generate leads and pique the audience’s interest.

From showcasing new listings and providing valuable tips to conducting virtual property tours and sharing market updates, these social media posts for real estate are effective in generating new real estate leads.

Consistency is essential whether you are sharing tips, images, walk-throughs, or featuring exciting neighborhood activities. It can deliver the message repeatedly and increase the reach of your social media post, increasing new leads!

Remember, social media isn’t just for marketing—it’s a tool to build connections and lasting relationships. Sharing client testimonials, addressing misconceptions, and discussing your learning experiences make you more relatable.

As you use these social media post ideas for real estate, keep the conversation open. Encourage comments, respond, and join discussions. This boosts your online presence and shows you as a responsive and knowledgeable real estate pro.

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