Real Estate Auctioneer Salary In UAE

In the ever-evolving real estate landscape of the UAE, a crucial figure plays a pivotal role – the Real Estate Auctioneer. This dynamic profession combines market knowledge, negotiation prowess, and a knack for reading the room to achieve the best outcomes in property transactions.

Real Estate Auctioneer salary in UAE is a subject of curiosity for many aspiring professionals. It’s no secret that the UAE’s unique real estate market has high-end properties, prestigious developments, and an ever-present demand for real estate services.

Understanding the financial prospects is essential if you want to start your career as a Real Estate Auctioneer in the UAE.

In this blog, we’ll explore the average annual salary hourly rates and even glance into the future to estimate potential earnings.

So, whether you’re considering a career as a Real Estate Auctioneer or simply curious about the earning potential in this niche, this blog will provide valuable insights into the financial aspects of this exciting profession in the UAE.

Salary Range by Experience Level for Real Estate Auctioneer


The average salary of a Real Estate Auctioneer in the UAE is 196,447, but this figure depends on the experience level. Here is the table reflecting the growth in the salary as per your experience level.

Years of Experience Salary per month
0-2 years (Novice) AED 16,370
2-5 years (Intermediate) AED 19,370
5-10 years (Proficient) AED 24,370
10-15 years (Skilled) AED 42,070
15-20 years (Highly skilled) AED 48,670
20+ years (Master) AED 67,970

It’s important to note that these salary ranges can vary based on factors like location within the UAE, the complexity of auctions handled, and the specific real estate market conditions.

Novice (0-2 years of experience)

Real Estate Auctioneers with 0-2 years of experience are considered novices in the field. They earn an average monthly salary of AED 16,370.

At this stage, auctioneers are still in the process of honing their skills and building a clientele. They often seek guidance from more experienced professionals to navigate the complexities of the profession.

Intermediate (2-5 years of experience)

intermediate real estate auctioneer

Intermediate Real Estate Auctioneers have 2-5 years of experience and receive an average monthly salary of AED 19,370.

With a few years in the industry, they’ve become proficient in conducting auctions and have a broader understanding of the real estate auction market. They continue to develop their skills and broaden their network.

Proficient (5-10 years of experience)

Proficient Real Estate Auctioneers with 5-10 years of experience earn an average monthly salary of AED 24,370.

Having established a strong foundation in the auctioneering realm, they possess an in-depth knowledge of auction dynamics and maintain lasting client relationships. They can handle complex auctions with confidence.

Skilled (10-15 years of experience)

skilled real estate auctioneer

Skilled Real Estate Auctioneers with 10-15 years of experience receive an average monthly salary of AED 42,070.

Their extensive experience has made them adept at handling intricate auction scenarios and offering strategic insights to clients. They’ve built a loyal following and excel in various market conditions.

Highly Skilled (15-20 years of experience)

Highly skilled Real Estate Auctioneers with 15-20 years of experience command an average monthly salary of AED 48,670.

They are renowned for their exceptional field proficiency, having successfully navigated numerous complex auctions. Their expertise is highly sought after, and they often provide mentorship to emerging auctioneers.

Master (20+ years of experience)

Real Estate Auctioneers with over 20 years of experience are considered masters in their craft, earning an average monthly salary of AED 67,970.

These seasoned professionals have an unparalleled understanding of the auction landscape, boasting a vast network and an impressive track record. Masters often play leadership roles and serve as mentors within the real estate auctioneering community.


The role of a Real Estate Auctioneer in the UAE comes with promising salary prospects that evolve with experience. This is the main reason you need to understand the working behind Real Estate Auctioneer salary in UAE and the factors that influence it.

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